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Blue Raspberry Sours
A distinct blue raspberry that works in tandem with a sweet inhale and a slight sour exhale for a sensational experience.

Green Apple Sours
Green Apple Sours by KILO E-Liquid exemplifies the perfect recreation of the sweet and sour straw candy, with the focal flavor of sweet green apple notes for the ultimate balance between fruity, sour and sweet combination.

Mango Tango Sours
A vibrant tropical mix of a sweet mango candy with a slight hint of sour for a perfect concoction.

Pineapple Peach Sours
A flavorful punch of pineapple peach in sour gummy form for a sweet and tangy delivery unlike any other.

Rainbow Sours
Rainbow Sours is part of the latest KILO Sour Series, blending a delicious medley of fruity flavors from strawberry, lemon, melon and apple.

Strawberry Sours
The added chill element of icy menthol to the focal flavor of sweet, true strawberries.

Watermelon Sours
The focal flavor of fresh-picked watermelon with a slight sour exhale for a satisfying all-day vape.